[zanog-discuss] Poor Internet manners - Psychz Networks

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Sat May 29 10:16:07 SAST 2021

On 5/28/21 21:46, Don Jolley via zanog-discuss wrote:

> Hi
> I agree with Tinka’s and others comments around filtering and 
> forget….. but also tend to agree with the idea that if you peer with 
> the Route Servers you should route the traffic….. unless I am missing 
> something here.

Not, it's not unreasonable to expect that if you are participating on 
the route server, you do not cause forwarding problems for other 
networks on the same platform.

> It is becoming more apparent (and more common from what I see) that 
> networks should be receiving a full feed from their upstream in order 
> to correct peers that are advertising prefixes but not routing the 
> traffic via their network.

Unless you are a transit-free network, you will require either a full 
feed, or access to an upstream with a full feed, to have global coverage.

Even when networks peer, they may not always announce all their routes. 
There are various reasons for this. But at the very least, a routing 
intent should not cause breakage; that's not good netiquette.

> in this example if one only receives at default from upstream but 
> receives a /17 from peering it will attempt to send traffic out of 
> peering. but the peer link goes into a blackhole as described by Jaco.


In this case, working with the affected network to resolve the problem 
is the only solution. Failing that, working around them, which may come 
with a performance or monetary hit.

> Happy to learn and be corrected in the way my peering is setup. what 
> should my strategy be?
> Should I not be peering with the Route Servers as a new peer to an IX 
> by default because some network advertise prefixes but dont route them?

So this is one of the reasons we (SEACOM) do not peer with route servers 
at any exchange point. The other is an inability to impose policy at a 
very granular level. Sure, the exchange points do offer a number of 
mechanisms that allow you to impose some of that policy in a meaningful 
way, but overall, having a more direct approach is more useful to us.

> Being my usual self and asking stupid questions.

The only stupid questions are the ones we don't ask :-).


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