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Ron B ronald at amastelek.com
Sat May 29 09:27:19 SAST 2021

I’m with you on the stupid questions.   Yes it can be fixed if everyone
filters but:

- why should a single guy’s setup on an IX result in everyone else having
to change theirs?

- why use an IX if you going to ignore it?

- what is the responsibility of the IX?


I agree with Tinka’s and others comments around filtering and forget….. but
also tend to agree with the idea that if you peer with the Route Servers
you should route the traffic….. unless I am missing something here.

It is becoming more apparent (and more common from what I see) that
networks should be receiving a full feed from their upstream in order to
correct peers that are advertising prefixes but not routing the traffic via
their network.

in this example if one only receives at default from upstream but receives
a /17 from peering it will attempt to send traffic out of peering. but the
peer link goes into a blackhole as described by Jaco.

Happy to learn and be corrected in the way my peering is setup. what should
my strategy be?

Should I not be peering with the Route Servers as a new peer to an IX by
default because some network advertise prefixes but dont route them?

Being my usual self and asking stupid questions.
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