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> I’ve been asked by multiple people who I will be voting for – and so – I
> figured I’d go on the record and say – chances are – no one – because I see
> little point any more, I tried my best for years to do what is best in
> terms of AfriNIC – sadly – it seems it was beyond me to affect real change
> – and while we did manage to turn the organisations finances around from
> the where they were making $80k a year losses to where they actually had
> some operating surplus – the rest – is nothing short of an unmitigated
> disaster.
Yes while on the board, you really did well in terms of financial stability
and today AFRINIC has some good surplus to get it going but you must also
bare some responsibilities for some of the shortfalls as relates to
corporate governance during your time as a director.

> The only reason I am responding to this is because, Nishal, sorry, I have
> to disagree with you – we do not empower AfriNIC through the PDP – because
> the PDP is fundamentally broken, since it is very obvious to anyone who
> understands the definition of rough consensus that that is not what is
> followed on the PDP.  Participation in the PDP these days simply means that
> you pick a side and the side that shouts the loudest eventually wins out –
> irrespective of sanity or actual concerns or what is in the best interests
> of the industry.

The PDP was under capture by the echo-chamber sponsored by a certain
member. Some of us had to go as far as requesting a  recall of the
incompetent co-chairs who had failed in their responsibilities of managing
the PDWG.

The recall was delivered by the Alan Barrett committee and the WG has since
settled for new bloody after Jaco's wise suggestions.

Perhaps its for the better.

> Bring on the transfer policy – time to leave this dogs breakfast behind
FWIW, neither RIPE nor ARIN stops anyone from becoming its resource member.

Ooh and large ARIN & some RIPE members with real infrastructure here in our
region, are numbering that infrastructure using Integers allocated to them
back in their region by their RIR.


PS: I wonder if for instance Amazon is an AFRINIC member.
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