[zanog-discuss] vote in the upcoming afrinic elections.

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquid.tech
Thu May 27 16:05:33 SAST 2021

Having looked through the PDP of late -  and having watched the total lack of transparency from the AfriNIC board around certain issues, and the absolute shambles I am seeing in their billing and their handling of customer invoices – I am now more convinced than I have ever been that AfriNIC is an institution that is broken beyond repair.

I’ve been asked by multiple people who I will be voting for – and so – I figured I’d go on the record and say – chances are – no one – because I see little point any more, I tried my best for years to do what is best in terms of AfriNIC – sadly – it seems it was beyond me to affect real change – and while we did manage to turn the organisations finances around from the where they were making $80k a year losses to where they actually had some operating surplus – the rest – is nothing short of an unmitigated disaster.

The only reason I am responding to this is because, Nishal, sorry, I have to disagree with you – we do not empower AfriNIC through the PDP – because the PDP is fundamentally broken, since it is very obvious to anyone who understands the definition of rough consensus that that is not what is followed on the PDP.  Participation in the PDP these days simply means that you pick a side and the side that shouts the loudest eventually wins out – irrespective of sanity or actual concerns or what is in the best interests of the industry.

Bring on the transfer policy – time to leave this dogs breakfast behind


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> So, no, it is not AFRINIC leasing IPs to you, it is you, as an LIR and
> a stakeholder in the internet who  participate in a voluntary
> cooperative basis to empower AFRINIC to run its registration database.

the premise of this argument is incorrect. the internet (not just the
RIR system) is built around centralised registration systems.
uniqueness requires this. we have a single IANA, a single DNS root
system, and a similarly designed single numbering system (per protocol).
snubbing uniqueness and standards can be fun; that’s akin to
saying: i want to run my mail server on port 80 (which, of course, you
can do). or, i want to run a alternate set of top level domains (which,
was actually a thing, once!). and, of course, you can simply thumb suck
address space and an asn too. good luck with making any of that work at

as a member you do not empower afrinic. if anything, the _single best
thing_ that afrinic has ever done, was to empower african networks (ie.
its members) into getting their own address space. afrinic’s pdp
meant that african network operators could get an IPv4 /22, which was
*considerably* easier to obtain than a /19 from arin at the time.

as a community, you empower afrinic via its pdp process.

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