[zanog-discuss] Poor Internet manners - Psychz Networks

Ron B ronald at amastelek.com
Thu May 27 20:29:14 SAST 2021

The imperfection is advertising routes via an exchange and then packet
filtering it forcing the path to be adjusted manually via transit.

If it was because of anti DDOS then they should also have told me when I
logged the ticket.

Can anyone do a tracert past NAP or JINX with Psychz as a
peer???  I can see Vox, IS, seacom and Vodacom works but they don't use NAP
or JINX (for the path).

I eventually fired up a tunnel to a hosted VPS in a remote DC across the
pond and directed the traffic down that via a regional NAT.  I'm going to
build a system that orchestrates that - slight variation of SD-WAN.  Every
man for himself.  Do a workaround and  move on.

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> So can these blokes be forced off the router reflectors by the IX
> admins
> and told to do private peering instead?   Alternatively, does anyone
> know
> someone there that can be pinged to clean up their act?

at least at INX-ZA, there’s an expectation that if you announce a route, you’ll
be willing to honour onward routing to it.  honouring it, might mean
different things, to different people though;  it might be entirely in the
remote ASN’s policy to not route back to you.  most IXP admins won’t get
involved in that sort of discussion since it’s outside their purview.  and
bear in mind, one of the services that this networks purports to offer is
anti-ddos services, so .. /shrug ..
imperfect knowledge.

i can certainly put you in contact with a human to help report the issue to,
if regular contact isn’t working, and if that doesn’t work, i can help show
you how to filter this.  i don’t know that a bilateral session (which is
what i think you mean) vs. a private interconnect is going to make any
difference, but again, imperfect knowledge.

i’ll ping you off-list.

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