[zanog-discuss] vote in the upcoming afrinic elections.

Ron B ronald at amastelek.com
Thu May 27 09:54:29 SAST 2021

Sounds a bit like ponzi scheme operators doing a side gig. 😊

By the way, isn’t the poskantoor in charge of all addresses?  IPs are all
under 1kg?

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Just got my first phone call as well.

When pushed as to *why* Paul is the best candidate they couldn't answer.

In fact ... the lady hung up on me.

Kind Regards,

Not to worry you will get a phone call from Paul to follow up. This was
told to me by someone today that when they asked why, then paul followed
up, so probably the process.

I have also personally got a phone call today asking if I am in front of my
computer and will talk me through the process of voting because it is very
difficult according to them.

This is getting very tiresome having to deal with all this unsolicited
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