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Hello Everyone,

I do apologise to anyone for the disruption that my campaign process has caused, and I promise it is only a one-time communication. If I’m denied this opportunity, there will not be a second time. As with any democratic process, being part of a community and receiving messages from candidates are just part of a democratic society.

To answer the question that was asked, no, I do not see any problem with an IP broker supporting me, or anyone else for that matter.

As to your question, the “IP resources” in question are integers. The resources are registered by IANA in a central registry as being administered by a particular RIR (such as AFRINIC) in very large groups (8-bit prefixes for 32-bit IPv4 addresses prior to free pool depletion, 12-bit prefixes for 128-bit IPv6 addresses, and other sized groupings for 32-bit autonomous system numbers). AFRINIC then subsequently registers smaller groups of addresses and/or autonomous system numbers to its resource members, according to the policies set by the community for the administration of the registry. While AFRINIC’s contract claims that it grants an exclusive right to use the numbers in a particular way, the reality is that AFRINIC has no such power to grant or revoke any sort of right to use. AFRINIC’s abilities are limited to the registration of resources to preserve uniqueness among cooperating parties. It is this voluntary cooperation regarding uniqueness by the vast majority of ISPs that actually empowers the registry with any form of meaning whatsoever.

So, no, it is not AFRINIC leasing IPs to you, it is you, as an LIR and a stakeholder in the internet who  participate in a voluntary cooperative basis to empower AFRINIC to run its registration database.

I do have a problem with the current AFRINIC RSA that contain provisions overstepping its boundaries, the rules of registration should be made though a community process in a bottom up manner. However, RSA is not part of that process and is solely drafted by lawyers. It is a top down document that all LIR are forced to sign, any resource registration clause should not be part of RSA and should all refer to the policy the community are making.

And changing the RSA and bylaws to empower the community is exactly what I am hoping to do. The rules should be set by the community, not AFRINIC’s lawyer with no hands in the network.

The board shouldn’t make rules, they made rules in the past through the RSA and bylaws and I am determined to change that so everyone is protected and has the freedom to run their network as they see fit.


Paul Wollner

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Hi all,

I would also echo what Saul just mentioned. 

The IP blocks were allocated based on your needs, if you don't need them anymore, please send them back to the AFRINIC pool and let others benefit from them.

It's funny how some people think that IP addresses are like bitcoins and can be traded off.

My 2 cents.

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Hi Paul, 


Firstly, you haven’t answered Warrick’s question.


My understanding is as follows:


I think that you have a few issues mistaken.


Firstly you don’t own IP resources, they are allocated to you / leased from the RIR for YOUR dedicated use.


You are complaining that due to the rules of AFRINIC, you can’t change your business model. This is nothing new and we’re all in the same boat. If WE have an issue with that, its OUR fault, because
 WE make the rules, not the BOARD.

Your misconception here is that the board makes the rules for AFRINIC. The rules contained in the CPM are comprised of policies discussed and approved via the bottom up approach of the entire community
 through rough consensus in the PDWG (https://afrinic.net/policy/manual#:~:text=About%20the%20CPM,-Version%201.6%20Click&text=Policies%20are%20created%20through%20a,and%20adopted%20(by%20AFRINIC).)

The board only enforces the rules the community creates.


The board has doesn’t make the rules, If you think that you are going fix this problem by being on the board, I am very worried. If its policy change you’re after, get involved in the PDWG and make
 the change you are after.


Just my 2c




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Hello everyone,


I would like to make my thoughts clear here.


I have nothing against IP brokers. In fact, as four out of the five RIRs have IP brokers listed in their website, I believe IP brokers exist for a legitimate business reason.


I am running in this position to protect the interest of all IP address holders in the continent. While in all the other regions you have freedom to manage your network however
 you want, in this region, AFRINIC’s CEO just made clear that if you even want even a slight change on the purpose of your usage of IP, you will need report to AFRINIC("Members should notify AFRINIC about any change impacting allocated IP Number resources and
 surrender to AFRINIC any IP number resources no longer required." - Eddy Kayihura - CEO of AFRINIC). Effectively, you surrender your freedom to manage your network to AFRINIC at its entirety.


Moreover, if you experience a downturn in your business, in the entire world except in AFRINIC, you can monetise your IPs for 30 USD per IP in a free, open market, while here,
 AFRINIC ask you to give it back to them for free. I don’t think it is fair to any of the IP resource holders in the continent.


So to make my campaign message clear: If you hold IP addresses, I would like to protect your freedom to manage your own network, not facing risk of loss of rights to use those
 IPs because every little change of your business needs report back to AFRINIC. I also would like to protect your freedom just like any RIR in the rest of the world, to monetise your rights of to use your IPs when you are in economic down turn. I believe it
 is in the interest of all members.



Paul Wollner








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Quick campaign question for you


Don’t you think it’s odd to have an IP Broker being your most prolific supporter?





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Apologies for starting a new thread, but I was not subscribed to the list.



In regards to Jaco's statement, I would like to reiterate my statement that I submitted at the time.

This was not a case of IP hijacking, a third party, not related to myself or my business, in error used the MacroLan ASN number. At that stage I was no longer
 with MacroLan (now SEACOM). As mentioned before, SEACOM / MaroLan failed to remove the respective IRR entries when the customer left and this caused the confusion later down the line when the 3rd party advertised the prefix.

As I have not seen the off list communications, I cannot comment on that.


I am not looking to use this platform to rally votes in my favour, or speak negatively of others, however I feel that I have been in this industry long enough
 and I now finally am in a position where I have enough free time to dedicate to the community to make a difference. I have nothing against Mark and I feel that he is a strong candidate and I feel that either of us will do a great job. Mark has sat in this
 position before and I think it is time for new blood.



Paul Wollner




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