[zanog-discuss] vote in the upcoming afrinic elections.

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That is an interesting question Warrick

I feel that unsolicited emails that many people are receiving from Larus Limited is very concerning for many reasons. 
But now I am hearing of people getting unsolicited whatsapp messages from Larus Limited as well.

This information is more than likely mined from the WHOIS database which we know is a common practice for companies that use it for unsolicited sales emails and calls to sell Transit.

The nagging question I have is, Why is Larus so invested and spamming people to get votes for Paul Wollner?


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> Quick campaign question for you
> Don’t you think it’s odd to have an IP Broker being your most prolific supporter?
> Warrick
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> Apologies for starting a new thread, but I was not subscribed to the list.
> In regards to Jaco's statement, I would like to reiterate my statement that I submitted at the time.
> This was not a case of IP hijacking, a third party, not related to myself or my business, in error used the MacroLan ASN number. At that stage I was no longer with MacroLan (now SEACOM). As mentioned before, SEACOM / MaroLan failed to remove the respective IRR entries when the customer left and this caused the confusion later down the line when the 3rd party advertised the prefix.
> As I have not seen the off list communications, I cannot comment on that.
> I am not looking to use this platform to rally votes in my favour, or speak negatively of others, however I feel that I have been in this industry long enough and I now finally am in a position where I have enough free time to dedicate to the community to make a difference. I have nothing against Mark and I feel that he is a strong candidate and I feel that either of us will do a great job. Mark has sat in this position before and I think it is time for new blood.
> Regards
> Paul Wollner
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