[zanog-discuss] Poor Internet manners - Psychz Networks

Ron B ronald at amastelek.com
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Routes are unreachable from about 4 AS that I have tested on in ZA.  All
timing out via NAP or JINX.

Vodacom works but that goes via Cable and Wireless.

Their NOC doesn’t want to assist.

Bottom line is if you going to advertise your routes via an IX, honour them
or get off the IX.

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What's the issue here?

Are their routes announced to RS unreachable or your routes announced to RS
are unreachable from their side?

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These guys https://www.peeringdb.com/net/6747 are on the route reflectors
at NAP and INX.

Route servers. Route reflectors are for iBGP :-).

However, they don’t honour their routes.  There are then complaints because
clients cannot get to IPs on their network.

It is stupid to traffic engineer every ASN that behaves badly.  I have
logged a ticket with their NOC and they refuse to assist as I’m not a

So can these blokes be forced off the router reflectors by the IX admins
and told to do private peering instead?   Alternatively, does anyone know
someone there that can be pinged to clean up their act?

You could just totally filter anything from/to them, if I understand the
kinds of levers NAPAfrica and INX-ZA provide, non?


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