[zanog-discuss] vote in the upcoming afrinic elections.

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Mon May 24 11:42:35 SAST 2021

folks, as many of you might know, it’s about that time of year when 
afrinic has its elections for its board.  this year, the seat that is 
being filled is for the “southern” region - ie.  where ZA fits in.

if you haven’t see the candidate list it’s at:  
please take a minute to vote.  you can do this electronically via the 
afrinic portal at https://my.afrinic.net/

when voting, consider, does the candidate have
# the same value system as you
# a proven track record of delivery
# competence, and experience in this particular area

i am sure you have your own criteria to match :-)

afrinic has had its share of woes, and we know that the ceo and his team 
are working hard to turn this around.  they would be helped by having 
strong candidates on the board that would work for the betterment of the 
region.  so please take a minute to vote for a candidate that you think 
can help afrinic become a better rir for us all.

if you want to give your voting ticket to a proxy, you can read how to 
do that here:  
https://www.afrinic.net/20210521-evoting-proxy-appointment-open  (but 
honestly, it’s just easier to get this done yourself!)

electronic voting will be closed during the AGMM on 4 June 2021 at 
(10:40 UTC).
proxy appointment will close 5 days prior to the elections on 29 May 


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