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Robert Jooste robertj at workonline.africa
Tue May 4 11:35:04 SAST 2021

Hi All,

This is a reminder of our first In person event since 2020.

ZANOG is happy to announce the 9th KZNNOG (KwaZulu Natal Network Operators Group) meeting at 18h00 on 6 May 2021 at Point Yacht Club.
Sponsorship continues to allow this event to be free of charge. Thank you to FlexOptix for being the primary sponsor of KZNNOG-9.

Regional NOGs like this are small so we are holding this as an in person event. At this time there is no plan to stream it or have remote participation.

The format will be slightly different to observe COVID protocols.
The number of people will be limited to 40, so please RSVP and if you RSVP, arrive!
It will still take place at the Point Yatch Club however in a large room that opens out onto a deck to ensure air flow and spacing between people.
The format will be 2-4 lighting talks of 5-10 Minutes each, creating 2 X 20 minute sessions to keep time in a room together limited.

 Food will not be shared snacks that we are used to, and will be prepared in advance. So again if you RSVP, arrive!

 Please observe COVID-19 guidelines of wearing a mask, washing and sanitising hands and social distancing.

 Evening talks will start at 18h00. Please arrive early as it may take more time than usual with COVID screening.

 We are looking for lightning talks. 5 to 10 Minutes on anything Network Operations focused.
 Part of this small event and lightning talks is for local people to share their stories.
 We know it is hard to get up and talk in front of people but this will be a small group and everyone has something they can share so we encourge you to share your story. email us with your proposed subject.

RSVP and details of the event can be found here https://events.nog.net.za/e/kznnog9

Looking forward to seeing you there
ZANOG Organising team

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