[zanog-discuss] UNIFI Flying saucer

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Thu Feb 11 09:20:45 SAST 2021

On 2/11/21 09:13, Ronald Bartels via zanog-discuss wrote:

> Hello
> So I have been having much debate about the UNIFI ceiling mounted 
> APs.   They seem to behave rather badly when mounted on an I beam or 
> metal ceiling tray.
> My opinion is to use a PVC pipe and drop them below any air ducts, 
> trays or fittings by at least 30cm but I’m being told that is not 
> necessary!
> Any opinions or recommendations?

Yes, I'd recommend suspending the AP's (especially these which have no 
external directional antennae) some reasonable distance away from the 
any metal structures that form part of the ceiling.

The issue you'd be dealing with, otherwise, is reflection.

That is not to say they wouldn't work... they just wouldn't work good.

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