[zanog-discuss] Cloud Innovation Displays Very Poor, If Not Criminal, Netizenship

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This seems like an interesting project to monitor routing tables - freshly

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Good morning —n.

Beer is fermented, not stale.

I have been using threat intelligence to remove the riff raff from business
links.  Although a person can check if it is working using Wireshark, that
definitely does not scale.  One of the tools I went back to using even
though it costs 500 Euro is NTOPNG.  I use it on a mirror port as I really
tried the flow stuff but invariably it isn't designed for an ISP backbone
but more like a link less than 50 mbs.  After getting Elastiflow working, I
melted the box whenever I pointed any large flow to it.  It uses java..

This list includes hijacked IPs:
http://iplists.firehol.org/?ipset=firehol_level4 This (or any other) list
can be loaded into NTOPNG and the traffic from that list is visualized.  So
if you can curate your stale stuff into a list then it will display it.

PS: https://apility.io/search/
seems to be ok and not being used for any dodgy stuff.  It just states that
its in Hong Kong?

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