[zanog-discuss] Happy new year especially to the other dinosaurs

Ronald Bartels ronald at amastelek.com
Wed Jan 8 10:37:12 SAST 2020

Is that me or the Theo guy?

I haven't used it yet but I see they have included bbr and fq_codel at the
end of last year.

PS: Can I flash a Mikrotik with freebsd? 😊 😊 😊

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On 2 Jan 2020, at 6:23, Ronald Bartels via zanog-discuss wrote:

> Interesting interview posted for the other dinosaur guy 😉
> http://thebrotherswisp.com/index.php/tom-interviews-theo-de-raadt-of-the-openbsd-project/
> Happy new year

ha!  the one person that is more disagreeable than even wstucke ..   ;-)

anyway, this dinosaur comes bearing new-year gifts:

enjoy, and may 2020 be a systemd free year for you!


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