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Wed Feb 19 16:07:01 SAST 2020

> On 19 Feb 2020, at 19:11, Calvin Browne via zanog-discuss <zanog-discuss at lists.nog.net.za> wrote:
> Hey guys,
Hi Calvin

> I'm wondering what ping times we should expect with the various ftth installations.

> I'm typically interested in the local (ie links closest) to the end point.
Fibre from the end point eg House or business to the DC in the same metro should be 1-2ms

> And what factors influence these times.
If your network is interconnecting to that fibre provider over a IXP in the same region you should see 2-3ms 

If that provider backhauls all the way to another region and then goes across peering and back then you will get your higher latency

Supersonic are MTN right?
while a network might be present at an exchange doesnt mean they peer with the route servers or the network you are on.

This is a good reminder that the value of an IXP should not be measured on volume alone but also latency and number of unique ASNs that you can peer with

> ta
> --Calvin



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