[zanog-discuss] Recipe for Elastiflow

Dieter Smith dieter at megs.co.za
Mon Feb 3 20:34:12 SAST 2020

Hi Ronald. Maybe this can help.

Used this on Centos 7.

Installed Elasticsearch and Kibana from repo.

I personally found the way that logstash deployed with 
(https://pandaways.com/elastiflow-with-mikrotik-and-centos-7), not to be 
ideal to update / maintain and ended up reinstalling it from repo.

Even when installed, Kibana generated various errors.
Lots of useful data was available after 12 hours with less errors. 
(Don't know why)

It basically fully utilized a 6 core 2.4 GHz Xeon  16 Gig Ram, with 
around 2 Gig of traffic from a Netflow v9 source.
Used LOTS of dis space...

I have not continued to use this solution, as it is above my pay grade 
and will need enormous hardware.
Currently rather looking at pmacctd, Kafka, Druid combination, but i am 
weary of java based stuff (Kafka), so influxdb with pmacctd as collector 
might be the way to go.

Dieter Smith

On 2/3/2020 6:27 PM, Ronald Bartels via zanog-discuss wrote:
> Hi
> I have tried about 10 times now to install Elastiflow. 
> https://github.com/robcowart/elastiflow
> Does anyone have a recipe that works?  I’ve tried buster and bionic 
> and am pretty much up the creek without a paddle.
> Regards Ronald
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