[zanog-discuss] dual-stack FTTH - where are things at, really?

Jan Zorz - Go6 jan at go6.si
Thu Nov 7 14:41:26 SAST 2019

On 07/11/2019 11:12, Mark Tinka via zanog-discuss wrote:
> On 7/Nov/19 11:12, Jan Zorz - Go6 via zanog-discuss wrote:
>> That's how it look like right now. If IPv6 prefixes stays stable over
>> time there is a slight chance that end users will start running
>> servers in their networks so we move services/content as far as
>> possible towards the edge ;)
> So IPv4, but with bigger numbers :-).

Not sure... I'm wondering what's the percentage of end-users/households 
that are currently connected and have static IPv4 address or even an 
IPv4 prefix delegated, so they can run servers at home?

I would guess that outside business and SOHO customers - not many.

With static IPv6 prefix delegation - you get *every* end user to get 
stable public IPv6 prefix that is quite useful if you want to run 
publicly accessible services at your home ;)

Cheers, Jan

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