[Kznnog-discuss] WCNog-1

Edrich de Lange edd at edd.za.net
Fri Mar 15 20:22:52 SAST 2019

Just a quick check in!

Thank you to all who attended last night! I thin it was a great success! For those who didnt make it to WCNog-1, I think you missed out on the start of something awesome.

Once again, a big thank you to our sponsors for the evening, Rocking connect and Netsale! It really helps to have good support from everyone! and beer does help everyone bond a little better!

We will soon announce the date for the next event, and for those who are able to attend, please try and come to KZNNOG in Durban in April.

We have two days of great content lined up and with great socials in betwee. So find a customer to go and visit in KZN and use that as an excuse for an excursion!

Remember to spread the word of the mailing lists!

Kind regards

Edrich de Lange

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