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From what I’ve seen, simply peering with Microsoft delivers O365 content directly to your network. ExpressRoute doesn’t provide any advantages unless you’re looking at connecting directly to Azure for private services.

AWS Direct connect public sessions deliver about 2500 more prefixes than BLP peering, which makes that worthwhile. Otherwise it’s also just for connecting directly to private services in the cloud.

But neither of the services really provides any advantage connecting to either provider’s public cloud.

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Express Route generally uses the very same infrastructure the public Internet peering/transit takes. So from an infrastructure standpoint, it's not different at all. That it's private really means you will just end up paying more expensive contracts.

Latency to the cloud in London via Express Route or the general Internet won't be different, really.

On 17/Jul/19 11:52, Saul Stein wrote:
I think that the main reason for the express route is the keep the traffic private – ie it extends the cloud environment to be just another site in your network.

But +1 on Marks comments

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Often times, folk migrate to "global" clouds hoping for a better experience, and then end up worse off because those clouds are not local in Africa.

My suggestion is to use a local cloud provider. They are a dime-a-dozen.

Support the growth of local business, while improving the performance of the Internet for your staff.

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Hi All

eThekwini Municipality is currently migrating all its users to O365, when the project is finished over 15K users should be migrated now since my team controlls access to the internet, i wanted to avoid the public Internet due to potential latency and throughput issues so we wanted to explore the Ms Express Routes option.

Wanted to find out potential issues if any we're likely to experience from this move either for users side or service provider side.

Ideally a cost-effective move is for us is to utilize the Teraco cross connections.

Gents i will appreciate any advice or comment.

Mondli Maphumulo

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