[Zanog-discuss] which home ISP are the smart techs using these days?

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Jul 5 19:42:13 SAST 2019

On 5/Jul/19 13:38, Nishal Goburdhan via zanog-discuss wrote:
> (for this week’s slow friday question ..)
> since there are a lot of network techs here, i thought it might be
> enlightening to ask ..
> does anyone know if there is something like a bogons-type ISP [1]
> locally?  (or do you all just use your employer?  :-))
> i am really, really tired of explaining why rebooting my CPE won’t fix
> a routing problem inside $upstream network :-/

My FTTH service provider (Greencom) was bought by Cell-C some 2 years ago.

I'll be honest, I haven't queried Cell-C about whether they support
Bogons, e.t.c. However, I am quite close to the engineers there and
they've been very helpful when I've had odd requests, e.g., a static
IPv4 address so I can have a reliable 6-in-4 tunnel back to my backbone

I could ask them if you like...

> i do not intend to start a religious war over which ISP is
> cheaper/faster/..;  that is clearly quite subjective.  but surely
> there is at least one, that is are willing to listen to an old(-ish)
> tech say: “hey, you have a problem;  please take look at this ..”

As long as you don't go down the MyBroadband route, I'll supply the pen
and paper :-).


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