[Zanog-discuss] which home ISP are the smart techs using these days?

Graham Beneke graham at sadv.co.za
Fri Aug 23 10:38:56 SAST 2019

On 2019/07/08 09:57, Mark Tinka via zanog-discuss wrote:
> On 8/Jul/19 03:10, Nishal Goburdhan via zanog-discuss wrote:
>> oh, that’s exotic.  i’m just looking for someone that’ll consider
>> reading, and digesting, my traceroute data, and going:   “ah, we see
>> what you mean..“.
>> well, that, and actually act on it.
> Don't we all :-).
> I don't know of any such ISP in Africa at the moment. The closest I
> think we've all come is knowing each other in our respective backbones.
> There probably is a use-case for like-minds. But is there critical mass?
More than likely... you'll just get admin rights to the core router. :-)

I agree that there is a use-case but with the access market currently
being so fragmented it would be difficult to cost effectively build a
network that would cover the majority of locations.

Perhaps a handful of routers colocated in a DC, acting as tunnel
endpoints and connected to the IXPs would be an sustainable way to get
something off the ground.

Kind Regards,
Graham Beneke

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