[Zanog-discuss] IRRPT with Afrinic WHOIS

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Tue Aug 13 12:09:19 SAST 2019

Thanks Ben
I did think that bgpq3 was the better option. 
I was dreading... use something new.... I'm old and dumb takes me a long time to wrap my head around these things.
Will give it a go.

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> Hi All
> Unless I should be focusing on another tool to do it?
IRRPT is very old and very slow. I'd use bgpq3.
I wrapped some python around it, so that I could expose via a http interface - https://github.com/wolcomm/rptk.
You're welcome to pinch some code from there if you want to do something similar.
This is what is running at https://irr.wolcomm.net.



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