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Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Tue Aug 13 01:34:44 SAST 2019

On 12/Aug/19 21:37, Tinashe Ndhlovu via zanog-discuss wrote:
> I think context got lost in that article… my assumption is that Mark
> was discussing speedtest.net as the sole measure of an ISP’s ability
> to deliver the best application experience in the cloud service
> oriented world of today.. effectively the IT suits’ measurement of
> which ISP is best for their organisation should not be determined
> solely by the results of speedtest.net but on all the variables…

I invited the author of that article for a face-to-face so they have
real context about the real world. They categorically refused to meet
face-to-face and insisted on using the few e-mail responses I gave them
to justify their raison d'être, which I can summise to be to defend
speedtest.net in the Republic, get tongues wagging and generate traffic
to their web site.

> The article plays to the psychy of the home internet user “SEACOM’s
> attack on Speedtest.net” (classic David vs Goliath), I do not think
> that was the intention..

The word "attack" was carefully chosen by the author of that article,
essentially to discredit and slander rather than move the needle forward
in a meaningful way for the average Internet user, i.e., rather than run
around testing "Internet speeds" at 120km/hr so you can sell advertising
space on your web site, sit with the ISP's and understand how the real
world works, so that users can make real informed decisions beyond just

> sadly home internet users (and a shocking number of small to medium to
> large businesses) will go at anyone that “attacks” the only free tool
> they have to at least measure their internet speed…  and the article
> makes a note to point out a “paid for service” to measure speed
> metrics as proposed by “SEACOM” as suggested by the author..

I believe the English word for this is "pander".

> While form an ISP perspective this should be common knowledge.. the
> reality is as you will see in the comment section of that article.. is
> far from common

KZZNOG earlier this year. Ed ran a panel. If you know, you know :-).

> However.. I think this article was a good way to stir the pot as
> companies migrate to the cloud.. if the head IT hancho is using
> speedtest to determine the best ISP to access cloud applications then
> well.. they  have a lot of ISP migrations lined up..

The original article as at
- yes. What followed from the "gold standard in Internet news and
affairs in and around the Republic" after that was... well, you know :-).

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