[Zanog-discuss] Someone pissed on Mark's battery

Tinashe Ndhlovu Tinashe.Ndhlovu at za.logicalis.com
Mon Aug 12 21:37:47 SAST 2019

I think context got lost in that article… my assumption is that Mark was discussing speedtest.net as the sole measure of an ISP’s ability to deliver the best application experience in the cloud service oriented world of today.. effectively the IT suits’ measurement of which ISP is best for their organisation should not be determined solely by the results of speedtest.net but on all the variables…

The article plays to the psychy of the home internet user “SEACOM’s attack on Speedtest.net” (classic David vs Goliath), I do not think that was the intention.. sadly home internet users (and a shocking number of small to medium to large businesses) will go at anyone that “attacks” the only free tool they have to at least measure their internet speed…  and the article makes a note to point out a “paid for service” to measure speed metrics as proposed by “SEACOM” as suggested by the author..

While form an ISP perspective this should be common knowledge.. the reality is as you will see in the comment section of that article.. is far from common

However.. I think this article was a good way to stir the pot as companies migrate to the cloud.. if the head IT hancho is using speedtest to determine the best ISP to access cloud applications then well.. they  have a lot of ISP migrations lined up..

My two cents ☺


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Wow! The guys in the comments on are really brand loyal to speedtest.net .


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Mark doesn’t mention the tools he uses but I have iperf strapped to a data centre aggregator and the admin web console triggers a lastmile test using SALT and stores the result in Nagios.

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