[Zanog-discuss] The QoS debate

Jan Zorz - Go6 jan at go6.si
Tue Aug 6 18:08:02 SAST 2019

On 05/08/2019 23:06, Mark Tinka via zanog-discuss wrote:
> On 5/Aug/19 19:28, Ronald Bartels via zanog-discuss wrote:
>> I used to traffic shape the hell out of iburst connected modems by 
>> reserving bandwidth for certain applications.  We used pcube which 
>> Cisco duly killed off.
>> I didn’t realise I was doing QoS! 😊
> One could say throwing bandwidth at a problem is also QoS :-).

1000% agree.

Some would say that "traffic engineering is just a bad excuse for not 
having enough capacity", that just formulates your suggestion differently ;)

Cheers, Jan Zorz

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