[Kznnog-discuss] Telegram Group

Edrich de Lange edd at edd.za.net
Wed Jun 13 11:11:56 SAST 2018

Hi Guys

We have created a telegram group, mostly for discussion of realtime issues.
Its going to be quite strict,so that there are no offtopic discussions
(the bar is for that). We chose telegram as it is a bit more
configurable from a group perspective.

The goal is to share information on topics relevant to Operating a
Network, including possible network issues. General rules are:
Respect. No politics. No stickers or gifs.
Stay on topic. If there is a network problem between two specific
Networks it needs to be resolved directly and no troubleshooting in
the general group.
Anyone is welcome to join the group if they stick to the rules link to
join group - https://t.me/joinchat/Au68Fk58eT-gcgUKOxOgKw
Feel from to exit the group and rejoin when personal bandwidth allows

Kind regards

Edrich de Lange
edd at edd.za.net

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