[Kznnog-discuss] Fwd: [GROW] Calling for Beta-testers for RPKI Validator 3.0

Robert Jooste robertj at workonline.co.za
Mon Jun 4 12:20:35 SAST 2018

Thanks Nishal,

I will definitely be testing v3.


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last week we setup v2.x validator during the RPKI tutorial in class.
some of you might be interested in v3.

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From: Nathalie Trenaman <nathalie at ripe.net<mailto:nathalie at ripe.net>>
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Subject: [GROW] Calling for Beta-testers for RPKI Validator 3.0
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 12:16:08 +0200
Dear colleagues,

We’re happy to announce the beta-release of the RIPE NCC RPKI Validator 3.0, first mentioned during the Open Source Working Group at RIPE76.

We are testing this release ourselves as well, but we would really value if you are able to test in your own different environments and provide feedback.
You can report issues on GitHub or email certification at ripe.net<mailto:certification at ripe.net>.
A confirmation that everything works as expected is also very welcome.

The main features of the new RIPE NCC RPKI Validator 3.0 are:

-ROA validation, export compatible with version 2.x
-Re-written in Java to ensure maintainability
-Supports incremental updates to routers through the rpki-rtr protocol
-Allows running multiple rtr-servers for redundancy
-Supports overrides by local filters and white lists
-Requires 2GB of server memory
-Requires 10GB of disk space for the embedded database for large objects
-Open Source BSD Licence and available on GitHub

We set up a wiki with all the information about the installation sources and options, documentation and example configurations in the GitHub project:

Best regards,

Nathalie Trenaman
Product Manager

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