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Edrich de Lange edd at delcon.biz
Mon Feb 12 17:18:59 SAST 2018

Well, For those who attended the Feburary event would remember our first
speaker, Marty.

Together, we just turned up the node in Durban. The first, of hopefully
many, new content providers to arrive to our city.

Kind regards
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Date: Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 5:06 PM
Subject: [DINX.announce] new DINX peer: Cloudflare (AS13335)
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i’m very pleased to welcome Cloudflare to the DINX.

ASN: 13335
IPv6: 2001:43f8:1f2::109

please contact peering at cloudflare.net to setup bilateral sessions.
cloudflare is a DINX-RS peer, but, if you were listening to the KZNNOG talk
past thursday, prefers that you setup bilateral sessions.


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