[Kznnog-discuss] ZA peering forum registration is now open.

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Fri Oct 13 10:29:25 SAST 2017

[with apologies if you get duplicates]

hi everyone,

quick note to let you know that registration for the ZA peering forum is 
now open.  intended to be a technical discussion forum for things 
peering-related, the registration website is now open, and you’re 
invited to register, and, of course, attend.  you can register here:  

from the website:  “The South African Peering Forum is an opportunity 
for engineers to share expertise and insights on peering with leading 
local and international experts. Join us as we develop new ideas and 
hacks for improving the state of the Internet, both in South Africa and 
in the greater African region.

The event is targeted at peering managers and coordinators, network 
engineers and architects, systems administrators and those who are 
peering or seek to peer at Internet Exchanges.”

hope to see you there,

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