[Kznnog-discuss] NLNOG Ring

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Mon Nov 20 11:55:32 SAST 2017

On 18 Nov 2017, at 8:43, Edrich de Lange wrote:

> Participation is open to everybody who meets the following 
> requirements:
>    - You are a network operator
>    - The organisation you work for has BGP routers connected to
>    the ”Default Free Zone” and maybe even IXP’s.

this isn’t a hard requirement.  we have had Ring nodes at the INX 
management networks for a while now, and, for example, at DINX, we 
don’t have a full feed on our routers.  do be aware that you are 
effectively giving a list of outsiders access to a unix host in your 
network, so make sure this is properly segmented off, etc.  and if you 
plan on virtualising this, make sure that your hypervisor/workflow 
isn’t going to complain;  often folks run scripts on these which drive 
the CPU to 100% for extended periods of time, so, as with all good 
design - keep the unknowns separate.


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