[Kznnog-discuss] First Gettogether

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Mon Nov 20 11:54:04 SAST 2017

On 17 Nov 2017, at 12:31, Edrich de Lange wrote:

> Our First get together went Fairly well! about 40 people from various 
> parts
> of the industry came and some from as far afield as Cape Town!
> It was agreed we will have events every quarter, in a very similar 
> format
> to the one we had last night. eg some technical talks, and a good load 
> of
> social! Thank you to Seacom who sponsored our drinks and snacks, and 
> the
> lovely venue provided by Point yacht club.

overall, it sounds like it was a great event.  i’m sorry i missed it, 
and hope to make it to one of your future events.

> We started off with an announcement of the Quad9.net project. You can 
> see
> the presentation here. Simply, quad9 is a public DNS resolver with 
> some
> very very nifty security features. -> Quad9 Intro
> <https://kznnog.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Quad9-Intro-detailed.pdf>

[with pch hat]
thanks for doing this, edrich, and again, sorry i could not deliver this 
in person.  more information is on www.quad9.net, but if you do have 
questions, i’d suggest asking them here, so that others may benefit as 

> Donald then gave us a chat about his recent visit to Afpif, and also a
> discussion about why you should peer in more places!.

[with inx-za hat]
as a reminder, INX-ZA makes a fellowship available annually.  we don’t 
ask anything more than you use the opportunity to try to interconnect 
with folks at the afpif event, and use this to improve your peering 
overall.  so thanks donald for doing this ;-)      folks that are 
interested in the fellowship please feel free to ping me for more 
information.  i’ll make sure that, when afpif comes around next year, 
we advertise the fellowship on this list as well.

> If anyone has any suggestions on Future talks, or other ideas for
> workshops, let us know!

[with no hat]
#  “FreeBSD is not linux”
#  “DNSsec:  come on in, the water’s fine”
#  “RPKI - RIR’s monetisation scheme, or practical use case?”
#  “LetsEncrypt Now - or - how to stop sending your hard earned 
dollars overseas, m’kay”

that’s just a few.  i’m sure other folks have more suggestions ;-)


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