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Edrich de Lange edd at delcon.biz
Sat Nov 18 08:43:43 SAST 2017

Hi All

Some asked about this Shell exchange.

Here is the link to their website. Its been very usefull since Ive started
using it.


Heres an excerpt from their website

"I’ve noticed that there are a lot of friendly ‘shell access’ exchange
deals between network operators. This makes it easier for parties to
debug network issues and troubleshoot ‘from the outside’. A point of view
outside your network is absolutely essential, seeing what others see is a
useful thing with a variety of network problems. Well known examples are
‘it works for even numbered ip address, but not for odd numbered ip address
via this and this route’.

To encourage and provide a streamlined way of cooperating I introduce
the ”NLNOG RING”. In essence the deal is very simple: you make a (virtual)
machine available to the RING, and you gain access on all servers which are
part of the project, hence the name “RING”.

A great example would be to launch a traceroute from 80 servers in
different networks and quickly get the results instead of waiting till
somebody has the time to run some tests for you.

Participation is open to everybody who meets the following requirements:

   - You are a network operator
   - The organisation you work for has BGP routers connected to
   the ”Default Free Zone” and maybe even IXP’s.
   - Your organisation has its own ASN, IPv4 and IPv6 prefix(es).
   - You have enable or configure rights on those routers.
   - You are involved in the networkers community.
   - You have permission from your organisation to become involved in the

Kind regards
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